REVIEW: I Spent 3 Days On A Cruise Ship That Went Nowhere

I recently spent the weekend on the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship – and I had a ball.

Despite the cruise not actually going anywhere, except out to the Pacific Ocean and back to Sydney, the holiday felt more like a week than 3 days.

I was on the ship to celebrate my aunt’s 50th and my grandfather’s 80th birthdays, but don’t let that define the average age of passengers on the ship. As a 20-something I had my crowd on the ship also – hanging poolside with the family by day, dining with the grandparents by night and clubbing with the partiers into the early hours of the morning.

Our Sky Suite was all we needed space-wise, with 90% of the staterooms including an outside view and 95% of those with a balcony.

The Martini Bar was a tasty treat, with the barmen putting on a show when you order your drink, and the adults’ pool was a balmy retreat that felt 5-star.

The food was pretty good, but I wasn’t blown away. While we only had limited time to try out the specialty restaurants, they will be at the top of my list on my next trip.

Yes, there will definitely be a next trip!

Here it is. The Celebrity Solstice in all its glory.

The view from the boarding platform. The life rafts look safe and sound.

Scanning in with you personal photo identification card.

Walking on to the boat, these hand sanitisers are everywhere. Great for a germ-a-phobe like myself.

Here we go, let's check out the room - The Sky Suite.

Excellent, a good-sized bed.

Celebrity Solstice news each morning.

Bubblies on arrival!

And snacks!

The view's not so bad either.

Let's check out the other features of the room. Flat screen with new releases on demand.

Mini bar!

The bathroom. Small, but it's all you need.

Up to the top floor for a look around. That's the library you can see.

And yes, that is a real tree suspended over the lobby.

The main foyer is pretty grand.

You'll never get lost with these convenient maps all around the ship.

There are lots of spacious outdoors areas to bask in the sunshine.

This is going to make the perfect picnic spot!

Does a bar get much better than this?

The gym is massive!

The spa looks very peaceful.

Loads of products on offer to test and sample.

Relaxing area around the pool to chill out at.

Some hush-hush at the adults' pool.

And the main pool before the crowd hits for a sun-tanning sesh.

... Not to mention the dance classes.

Time for a cocktail. Barmen at the Martini Bar know how to mix a drink!

That is seriously impressive.

Up to the deck again to set sail.

See ya Sydney

With a wide variety of dining options, each meal feels personalised with a designated waiter/ess making sure they know your name and seating preference.

The main dining room.

If it's your birthday, you can even organise a cake.

There are multiple other specialty restaurants to chose from.

Or the cafe and gelateria.

Another bar.

Or the casino, if you're feeling lucky.

The clubs were pretty fun, with old and new beats to suit everyone's music style.


What about a show? Here my sister is getting hypnotised by Mark Anthony - I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

The ship at night is pretty beautiful.

And another bar.

Wait a minute. What is that?

Is it a buoy?

Is it a lost container?

No, it's life raft.

Minor detour to pick it up. It was first thought that someone had let it off, but it was released because of a faulty rope.

Toilet buttons - amazing. Never touch a door handle again.

But then you have to touch the toilet seat to press the button... That's silly.

But otherwise the common bathrooms are extremely clean all the time.

And you can even make a call from anywhere. These phones are found all around the ship.

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