We Went To Detroit To Find Out If Cadillac's First Electric Car Is Really Worth $US75,000

Cadillac is jumping into the electric car game with the ELR, an attractive plug-in hybrid coupe that will go 37 miles on pure electricity and another 300 thanks to an internal combustion engine. Problem is: the ELR starts at $US75,000, before a $US7,500 federal tax credit. That makes it the most expensive car in Cadillac's fleet and on par with the widely acclaimed Tesla Model S. We took a ride with Chris Thomason, the ELR's chief engineer, who told us why his car has such a high price tag, and why he thinks it's a serious threat to Tesla's dominance of the electric luxury segment. We can't say we came away convinced. The Model S is the more impressive and practical car, with room for seven, instead of four in the ELR. But Thomason's arguments have merit, and the ELR is a solid first step on the road to an electrified future. Produced by Will Wei

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