'Reverse Perspective' Painting Appears To Move Before Your Eyes

A new clip of a “reverse perspective” painting by Brian Williams is making the rounds online, and it will blow your mind.

Currently on display at The Gallery Ice in Windsor, UK (and which we first saw at This Is Colossal), the painting gives the viewer the illusion of peering into an art gallery that shifts as he does.

This Is Colossal points out that the work is inspired by well-known artist Patrick Hughes‘s own “reverspective” paintings, which he has been making since the ’60s. Both use an optical illusion where the objects or rooms are painted on a big lumps of wood or another material that sticks out from the flat painting.

The artist then paints the objects he or she wants to seem the farthest away from the viewer on top of the blocks of wood. This causes the painting to alter as the audience moves around, and to appear in reverse 3D when viewed head-on. Pretty cool.

Despite the shaky camera movements, you can really see how it’s done in the video below.

And here’s Patrick Hughes explaining his own work from the Flowers Gallery two years prior.

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