New French Startup Will Pay You To “Reveal The Cuckolds”


Whoa. We just saw a new French website called, or literally “Reveal The Cuckolds dot com”, which asks you to do exactly that, in a totally anonymous and opportunistic way.

Anyone can enter the Facebook ID or email of whoever is being cheated on and, as an option, add the info of the person doing the cheating, as well as the circumstances.

The snitch can also add their PayPal account: the twist is that if you’re being “cheated on” the site will email you — and charge you to find out the details. The snitch will then get one euro for their troubles.

This is obviously ripe for abuse. Anyone can denounce anyone, whether or not it’s true. (It makes your married writer slightly nervous.) But the site is potenitally very viral: anyone can add anyone else. And there’s a business model, albeit a slightly scammy one.

You might think this is a very French startup, but it actually breaks a huge French taboo: not adultery (ha!) but anonymous, paid denunciation.

Look for this one to get a ton of PR, then a ton of lawsuits, and then shut down in disgrace.

No word on who is behind this. It’s hard to know if it’s legit. The domain name’s registration information has been anonymized. We emailed their contact adress and were told that the people behind this want to remain anonymous for now, but that it’s totally for real. When we wrote back with follow-up questions, our email bounced.

We’ll let you know if we learn more (and it’s interesting).

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