Bernie Madoff's Daughter-In-Law Spills 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Madoff Family

Stephanie Mack Madoff

Photo: ABC News

Stephanie Madoff Mack has just published a memoir and it’s harrowing stuff.Mack tragically lost her husband, Bernie’s son Mark, to suicide in 2010.

The book is called “The End of Normal: A Wife’s Anguish, a Widow’s New Life” and it takes the reader inside the family of the man who perpetrated history’s biggest Ponzi scheme.

Ruth Madoff is mean to the help

So was Bernie.

Describing a visit to their Palm Beach home:

'The two of them spent the entire time trash-talking the help. Ruth barked commands at the housekeeper, Marlena, and mocked her Spanish accent. Bernie was fastidiously neat to the point of being obsessive-compulsive, and, with Ruth, he complained ad nauseam about the maid's incompetence.'

SOURCE: The End of Normal (Amazon)

Bernie was gross with regard to the bathroom

Ruth liked to embarrass Bernie

Stephanie cut Ruth out of her life with an email

It was a long and vitriolic message blaming Bernie for her husband's death. (As she has done elsewhere.)

'I don't have it in me to forgive you for standing by the man who killed my husband. Good luck to you Ruth.'

SOURCE: The End of Normal (Amazon)

A NYPost reporter invaded their house

Bernie bragged to Stephanie about his life in prison

When the authorities evicted Ruth, she hid from the press in the trunk of a car

Understandably, she didn't want her face on the cover of the Post.

'All Madoff assets were frozen, and though she had not been criminally charged, Ruth was still forced to report any expenditure over $100 to the court-appointed trustees. On the day she was forced to vacate the penthouse with a few boxes of basic necessities she was allowed to keep, Ruth hid in the trunk of a car and had her building superintendent drive her away so she wouldn't have to face the media waiting outside to witness her humiliating eviction.'

SOURCE: The End of Normal (Amazon)

At least four Madoff victims have killed themselves

Stephanie's late husband was only the latest.

'Mark was the fourth known suicide linked to Bernie's crime. A French financier had slit his wrist with a box cutter and bled to death in his office. A British investor shot himself, and another Madoff victim had hanged himself in a London hotel room.'

SOURCE: The End of Normal (Amazon)

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