REVEALED: The 10 Most Expensive Places In Australia To Buy A Home

There is a bit of a lull at the moment in the hearts of sports lovers.

The footy season has ended, the soccer season is just getting underway and horse racing doesn’t seem to capture the nation’s imagination except for that one day in November when we all stop.

The cricket season hasn’t really kicked off yet either, but all is not lost. Australia’s favourite spring sport, real estate, is in full swing and today RP data released a must-have guide for all serious lovers of housing with its Spring Buyers Guide.

Covering 8700 suburbs across the country there is truly something in this report for all Australians. Values for houses range from “…just $58,576 at Ungarie in Central Western New South Wales to almost $3.9 million at Peppermint Grove in the western suburbs of Perth”.

Here is RP Data’s take on the top 10 suburbs in Australia – or at least the 10 most expensive median prices for housing in those suburbs.

The folks out west in Peppermint Grove are certainly doing well, which will not please those in Toorak the once exclusive home of Austalia’s top price and Victoria’s only representative in the Top 10.

The eastern suburbs of Sydney are where it’s at for sheer volume of sales across a number of contiguous suburbs and Tamarama coming in at number 6 with a median price of around $2.7 million is living up to its other name in Sydney – Glamorama.

Kirribilli is the lone entry from Sydney’s north shore and Dalkeith gets a mention for bringing WA’s total to 2 – 1 ahead of Victoria and a real sign of shifting economic power in Australia – miners and bankers.

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