A 24-Year-Old Spammer Is Earning Thousands Of Dollars Per Day On Pinterest

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Photo: original: Sonnenbrand via Flickr

An anonymous 24-year-old spammer is making thousands of dollars per day posting on Pinterest.As reported by The Daily Dot, the spammer — who identifies himself only as Steve — has been using a combination of spambots and Amazon affiliate accounts to make as much as $1,900 a day. He’s been doing it since February 20th.

He previously did similar things on Twitter and Facebook, but says that Pinterest is now “by FAR the easiest social network to spam right now. Quite possibly the easiest ever to spam. It requires almost no work to get started and no money to invest. “

Here’s how he does it, as first uncovered by Total Pinterest. He has bots pinning thousands of pictures of dresses and boots, and “liking” those pictures so they rise in the site’s popular index. That gets the pictures in front of real people.

All the accounts are dummy accounts containing a link to an Amazon affiliate account. When people on Pinterest click through the link to buy the product on Amazon, Steve gets a cut.

So far, Pinterest has only killed one of the many spambots he uses.

Steve says that other people are doing the same thing, and that automated bots are coming, but he boasts that he’s about three weeks ahead of the game right now.

He also said that he has no problem opening new accounts, despite the site’s “invitation-only” process: “Trust me when I say Pinterest is NOT invite only. That’s a marketing ploy to get people interested, and women will fall for it instantly. No disrespect intended to anyone.”

Read The Daily Dot’s whole interview with “Steve” here.

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