REVEALED: Google's 7-Inch Tablet, The Nexus 7

An image of Google’s own Android tablet, the $199 Asus-built Nexus 7, has appeared on Google’s image servers, The Verge reports.

You can find the image on Google’s static image serve. The host URL is identical to those of other hosted images on the Google Play store, like the Galaxy Nexus.

We don’t know if this is the actual tablet, but it looks pretty likely. Several news outlets this morning reported the tablet would be built by Asus.

The device is a 7-inch tablet — a similar size to the Kindle Fire — that everyone was expecting. It also looks like there’s a modified user interface optimised for a 7-inch tablet also present on the device.

You can check out all the reported specifications of the Nexus 7 on SAI, and follow Google’s announcement of the Nexus 7 on our live blog.

google nexus 7

Photo: Google Play

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