Internal Google Presentation On Android Reveals Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About How It Makes Money

andy rubin

Google unleashed a treasure trove of information in its trial with Oracle today.

Included in that was a presentation Android chief Andy Rubin made in 2010, in which Google projected revenue of about $280 million that year off its Android division.

The VergeĀ appears to be the first site that has dug up the entire presentation.

Here we go!

The presentation starts with some financial data for Android.

But first, a shout-out.

Some highlights and problems Android faced in its earliest days...

...and finally, the meat of the presentation. It looks like Google revised its forecast revenue for Android down after a weaker first couple of months in 2010.

Android appears to be making most of its money off advertising.

Here's how much Google makes off each hand set.

Google was about to release Froyo, its first huge Android update, around this time.

Here's everything that was planned for 2010. Gingerbread, the next big release, was right around the corner.


More tablets!

Advertising wasn't the only source of revenue Google predicted from Android, though.

Google expected Android to have a halo effect on a bunch of other markets.

Fast forward to today, Google was planning on already finding new ways to monetise Android.

It also predicted a huge amount of revenue from its music division associated with Android.

Android was expected to bring in $3.7 billion in revenue by 2013.

Google had some pretty high hopes for Android.

More data!

Google expected to have around 220 million Android devices in the market by 2013...

...that would bring in a ton of advertising revenue.

Even Google expected to only have a small number of paid applications. A drop in the bucket compared to advertisements.

For more awesome coverage of the trial...

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