Reuters Hires Tina Brown's 82-Year-Old Husband To Help Bolster Web Presence

harold evans

In an effort to compete with the growing juggernaut that is Bloomberg, Reuters hires Sir Harold Evans as editor-at-large.

The 82-year-old is the founder of Conde Nast traveller and former editor of the Sunday Times. He is also married to Newsweek/The Daily Beast editor Tina Brown.

According to the Financial Times, he will “moderate events with political and economic figures, consult on new business travel and culture features on, and advise editors on stories and newsroom issues.”

Evans will use his “extraordinary contacts” to land high-profile interviews with the likes of Henry Kissinger and Jon Huntsman, his first two subjects.

Stephen Alder, who joined the news service as editor-in-chief in February, says bringing Evans on will help the publication compete in the online sphere.

“It’s partly about having a broad platform for our work where people can see the best of what we do. It’s also a way of connecting people to our brand,” he said. “We want people on our paid site in the office but also want them taking us home with them.”

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