Here's A Tour Of Thomson Reuters' Eikon, The Latest Attempt At A Bloomberg Killer

Reuters Eikon Walkthrough

You can’t escape it. In a hour of commercials on CNBC you are likely to see at least one, if not two, Thomson Reuters Eikon advertisements glaring back at you. Speaking about the pace of the platform, actors-pretending-to-be-users talk about how they have an edge beyond the headlines.

That edge is a platform called Thomson Reuters Eikon, meant to bring together all of the information assets at Thomson Reuters and take aim at their chief rival Bloomberg and its terminal.

The platform is meant to transport the terminal environment into a web environment that looks like a browser.

It also means Thomson Reuters Eikon has simple search functionality, like typing in Korean Won and getting spot pricing on the currency, rather than having to remember a complicated code.

Thomson Reuters Eikon was designed with social, if walled, media in mind. Users are encouraged to post comments on particular market trends, and share them with select individuals or the broad Thomson Reuters Eikon using audience. Video, from the Reuters Insider platform, will also soon be built in to the desktop.

Let’s took a look at the platform.

This is the home page, which you'll see upon log in to the system.

You can start the Thomson Reuters Eikon platform from any PC that meets the system requirements after you download the software.

Starting with Equities, you can move down into a particular asset class, and take view of a variety of markets.

Digging in deeper to a particular index, you can see more specific data, naturally.

And here's what a stock specific page looks like, chock full of data, with the recent news right along side.

You can pull out a chart and do the technical analysis, right in the platform.

And here's where it gets interesting: You can build commentary on the chart in the platform, which you can broadcast to everyone via your profile, or to your select team, or just to individual Eikon users.

Video commentaries can also be created, which will be housed on Reuters Insider and accessible through the platform (though that integration is not yet complete).

Another example of a stock page, this time Thomson Reuters.

And this is what the bottom half of the page looks like, note the commentaries from different individuals.

Now, a country search.

It gives you commentaries as well as further links, and contact information for people who deal in the market.

A simple bond search for a company's debt yielding greater than a certain value gives you a bevy of choices.

And, if you're feeling a bit exotic, many of those derivatives are available in system as well.

Now here's the action element: After selecting a security, you can survey the broader market for where you want to conduct the trade

And you can make your move, all inside Thomson Reuters Eikon.

What it doesn't have yet, and what's coming...

New updates for the platform will be released through system updates, similar to Windows update

  • Risk management tools are to come into play in 2011
  • An aggregator, adding 700 news sources, is set to be added to Reuters news service by mid-2011
  • Reuters Insider currently being integrated, will be in place soon
  • The order book, option watch functions will be in an imminent release


Thomson Reuters Eikon is not yet the finished product it will be, but certainly reshapes the way financial services companies will look at Thomson Reuters as an information provider. Rather than providing a myriad of different service options and expecting buyers to use them separately, Reuters now has a combined, modern platform that will be particularly enticing for those who don't want to get up to speed with Bloomberg's complexities.

That being said, Bloomberg is still top, with a broader range of features (see concierge, etc.). But Reuters is now on the way to catching up, and may actually be better for businesses that want to run the platform on the go, from a mobile environment.

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