"Thomson Reuters Acquires Super Lawyers" Could Be Most Corporate Sounding Headline Ever


We love the Super Lawyers. It’s slick and glossy and, like everyone else, we like to see who makes it and who doesn’t each year.  

And while many grumble (fairly) that the peer selection gets too political, it’s thought to be a pretty decent indication of who is on top of their game. 

But the whole thing — in whatever glossy it appears in your area — looks like an enormous advertisement, and it basically is. It’s an advertisement for itself…the Super Lawyers franchise, if you will.

So when we saw the press release titled “Thomson Reuters Acquires Super Lawyers,” it just seemed too amusing to be true. Of course, Thomson is also Thomson Reuters, and Reuters is a revered news service that has nothing to do with advertising.

But lawyers know the Thompson part — the Thomson that owns Westlaw, a search service that costs a lot of money and spends a lot advertising its services everywhere and all the time. 

Press release (pdf): Super Lawyers is the leading brand in lawyer ratings for consumers – the business is unparalleled in online and print distribution, and offers unique, high-value advertising opportunities for law firms…Super Lawyers will be part of the Thomson Reuters, Legal, Business of Law group, which offers lawyer marketing and client development tools, and includes the FindLaw and Hubbard One businesses. The Super Lawyers business will be led by Vice President and General Manager Barb McGivern.

Marketing! Client development! Glossy things in pretty colours! 

Don’t get us wrong — we aren’t making fun. This a match made in legal business heaven. 

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