2014 Has Been The Perfect Mirror Image Of 2013

Hubble telescope mirrorWikimedia CommonsWorkers study Hubble’s main, eight-foot (2.4 m) mirror.

Charlie Bilello, the director of Research at Pension Partners, an investment advisor managing mutual funds, just Tweeted the following table comparing 2013 and 2014 returns on a selection of assets.

It shows that this year has been the mirror image of the last: Things like precious metals are doing great, while stocks are tumbling.

Bilello writes in a blog on the table:

In total, there is negative correlation of -.82 between asset class returns in 2013 and asset class returns in 2014.

Score this as another win for asset allocation, rebalancing, risk management and prudence, all of which were deemed obsolete following 2013.

Check it out:

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