Actually, Apple Already Made A Watch -- In 1995

Apple released a watch 20 years ago, and it’s nothing like the smartwatch that’s expected to come out in March.

The original Apple Watch, which Jonathan Morrison recently reviewed on YouTube, wasn’t sold as a standalone product.

Apple offered the watch as an incentive to upgrade to System 7.5, which we’d probably call Mac OS 7.5 today.

People could chose between the Apple Watch and Conflict Catcher 3, a Mac utility app.

The first Apple Watch wasn’t a smart watch in any sense of the word — it certainly didn’t have health monitoring or work with Apple Pay. But it did feature scratch-resistant glass and an eye-catching blue bezel.

It also said “Mac OS” on the black plastic band, which was particularly cool because Apple would drop the “System” moniker and start calling its software “Mac OS” about two years later.

These days you can buy one on eBay for around $US400.

Here’s the full original Apple Watch review:

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