Retired Lawyer Looking For Easier Living Scaled Back To $3 Million Penthouse

barbara foxBarbara Fox

Photo: Fox Residential Group

Who knew stairs were such a dealbreaker?After James Freund retired from big law firm Skadden Arps, his wife decided it was time for a change.

Two years prior, in 2005, the couple has swapped its $5 million townhouse for a $3 million penthouse —which was recently featured in The New York Times’ Habitats column — on the Upper East Side.

“You hate when you come home from a trip with a lot of luggage and have to drag it up the stairs, or you’re in a huge hurry to leave and you have to run back up to the third or fourth floor dressed up in high-heeled shoes because you’ve forgotten something,” Barbara Fox told the New York Times in 2007, explaining why she wanted an apartment over a townhouse.

Fox, president of Fox Residential Group, also disliked the townhouse because lacked amenities “that made life simpler for me,” she told the New York Times in 2007.

Plus, Fox just really didn’t like the West Side.

“To me, the West Side was as far away as Greenwich, Conn,” she told the Times, adding that she only agreed to stay in the townhouse for as long as she did if Freund hired a car service to pick her up each morning and take her to her office on the East Side.

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