This Cruel Subway Ad Uses Mirrors To Call Out Balding Men

The placement of an ad is critical. If the context is just right it can amplify an ad’s message, but if it’s wrong it can backfire.

Canadian agency, Rethink, may end up somewhere between right and wrong with their latest transit ad for Panorama Hair, a company that specialises in hair transplants. The agency has placed mirrors with the tagline “The Hair Loss Specialists” on transit trains around Canada to give a panoramic view of commuters’ bald spots.

Rethink’s placement of their ad certainly amplifies the message, but the insensitivity of it has left many people upset.

AdWeek described the stunt as a “dick move” and a commenter at Neatorama compares the ad to “putting mirrors at chest-height with the address of a plastic surgeon for insecure women.” The only site to throw a compliment to Rethink was BuzzFeed, which called the ad “cruel and embarrassing, but genius.”

As far as we’re concerned, it seems like people who don’t care about their bald patch wouldn’t want this service anyway and the people who might, because they are embarrassed by it, won’t want to associate with the company after being exposed to a train of commuters.

So while the stunt may get the company some press, maybe it wasn’t such a good strategy.

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