Retailers Use Big Data To Target And Track Consumers

Getty/ Tim Boyle

Big data is being used retailers in a big way, as businesses use purchasing information to target customers with specific marketing campaigns and promotions.

A Choice spokesperson told the SMH, “If you are worried about being personally identified, don’t sign up to the supposed ‘rewards’ program[s].”

Retailers including Coles, Woolworths and Target are believed to be using ‘big data’, retrieved from loyalty programs and flybuys, to not only hit customers with promotions reflecting their purchasing trends but one privacy lawyer believes “You can often re-identify the data and you can track individuals.”

While Woolworths and Coles have denied data could trace an individual, a spokesperson from Quantium, the data analytics company for Woolworths, has said information is simply shared with suppliers, reports the SMH.

SMH has more.

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