Retailer Response Times On Social Media Are Not Satisfying Customers

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Customer Service On Social Media Lags Among Top Online Retailers

An impressive 80% of the top 100 online retailers in the U.S. are responding to customers on Twitter, and an equal proportion are doing so on Facebook, according to a study from Conversocial. However, the study also found that the average response time on Twitter was 11 hours and 15 minutes. Read > Nordstrom Turns Its Most Popular Items On Pinterest Into In-Store Displays (MarketingLand)
Nordstrom is letting customers know which of its items are the most popular on Pinterest by displaying signage in stores that say as much. “We hope it adds to our engagement with the community and ultimately enables us to sell more as well,” said a Nordstrom spokesperson. Read >

Social Login Landscape Unchanged In Q2

Social login — the option to register or sign-in at a website using your credentials from an existing social network — remains fragmented as a result of the competition between major social media platforms. Facebook’s quarterly decline as a social login provider has halted, which has slowed the growth of Google’s share. Read >Yelp Announces Rollout Of Its Own Delivery Platform (Yelp) 
Yelp Platform, which was announced yesterday, enables consumers to not only browse for food, but order it as well. Yelp is a popular destination for consumers researching local businesses, but now those consumers can transact as well. Read >

Google+ Update Makes It Easier To See What Your Friends Like (Mashable) 
Google+ now highlights posts that have been +1’d by people in a user’s circles. The feature is somewhat similar to how posts are currently highlighted on Facebook. Read >

90% Of Customers Will Recommend Brands After Social Media Interactions (Business Insider) 
A new study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau has found that 90% of consumers would recommend a brand to others after interacting with the brand on social media. Read >

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