The 10 retailers with the most devoted customers in America

  • Which retailers keep customers coming back again and again?
  • InMarket found out just that by tracking consumer activity in its 2019 retail loyalty report.
  • Walmart took the top spot by a fair margin.

Which retailers attract shoppers who bring the concept of brand loyalty to a whole new level?

InMarket set out to discover just that in its 2019 retail loyalty report. The digital advertising firm assigned companies a loyalty score, based on customer activity from January 1 to February 28, 2019.

The loyalty scores were based on “repeat device visitation,” meaning that it tracks the number of times a customer visits a certain chain with their technological device. To give a hypothetical example, a retailer that attracted 1,000 visits from 500 unique devices would receive a score of two.

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An InMarket spokesperson said the number of visits to the stores on the list ranges from “the tens of thousands for the smaller chains, to well over a million for the largest chains.”

The study only focused on retailers that don’t exclusively sell groceries with 50 or more locations. InMarket also provided some analysis on key strengths that might have bolstered some companies’ performances.
Check out which chains have the most dedicated followings:

10. Burberry

Loyalty score: 1.71

Strengths: Developed digital strategies

9. 7-Eleven


Loyalty score: 1.72

Strengths: Store expansions, developed digital strategies

8. Hot Topic

Loyalty score: 1.75

Strengths: Exclusive collections

7. Target

Loyalty score: 1.76

Strengths: Store upgrades, exclusive collections, developed digital strategies

6. Rite Aid

Loyalty score: 1.81

Strengths: Store upgrades

5. Maurices

Loyalty score: 1.82

Strengths: None listed

4. Meijer

Loyalty score: 2.02

Strengths: Store expansions, developed digital strategies

3. Duane Reade

Loyalty score: 2.7

Strengths: None listed

2. Fred Meyer

Loyalty score: 2.29

Strengths: Developed digital strategies

1. Walmart

Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Loyalty score: 2.42

Strengths: Store expansions, store upgrades, exclusive collections, developed digital strategies

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