Retailers In Airports Are Doing Insanely Well Right Now


Photo: uggboy

Retailers in airports are doing incredibly well right now, reports Erin C. Clack at Women’s Wear Daily.Airport retail is predicted to increase to $39.1 billion in sales by 2015. That’s almost a 45 per cent leap from back in 2010, according to a Datamonitor report cited by WWD.

Space right now is at a premium, and airports are trying to make more space for new stores.

Retailers are trying all sorts of new things in airports as well. For instance, supermarket mammoth Tesco is trying out an “interactive virtual grocery store” in London Gatwick Airport, which lets customer browse dozens of grocery goods through animated screens.

But remember, airport retail is an inherently volatile industry, since it’s so dependent on airline traffic and regulations are constantly changing. There are also issues with logistics and security when you’re running a store inside an airport. 

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