Retailers Are Worried That Obamacare Will Be A 'Regulatory Train Wreck'

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Photo: georgeXchelebiev/Flickr

Retailers are still freaking out over Obamacare.The National Retail Federation recently went in front of a congressional panel to voice its concerns, and it used some strong language to try to change minds.

Here’s what NRF VP and employee benefits policy counsel Neil Trautwein said:

Our nation cannot afford for the ACA to stumble out of the starting gate.

“A cascade of last-minute regulations will create confusion and thus could encourage more employers to back out of coverage.

“We are trying to help prevent what threatens to become a regulatory train wreck.”

The NRF does support “effective implementation” of the Affordable Care Act, even though it’s against the law itself.

What it’s particularly concerned with are the delays in getting things done. It feels that retailers won’t have time to deal with what’s to come.

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