RETAIL WAR: Apple Is Moving Directly Across And Over From Microsoft Store

Last year, Steve Ballmer was on hand to open the first Microsoft Store in the company’s back yard, in the Bellevue Square mall.

It’s four stores down from the Apple Store that’s been there for several years.

But as ifoAppleStore reports today, later this year Apple is moving into a new, huge space in the mall. And it just happens to be directly across from the Microsoft store — and one level up.

In other words, every Microsoft Store customer who leaves will have no way of missing the massive hive of Apple activity on the level right above them. Smart move.

Across Lake Washington in Seattle, Microsoft is opening its second area store directly across a parking lot from the Apple Store in University Village. That will happen later this year.

Here’s a map: the Microsoft Store is in green, and Apple is moving from the small red space a few doors north to the larger red space directly across and upstairs.

Bellevue Square map Apple Store Microsoft Store

[credit provider=”Matt Rosoff”]