MAP OF THE DAY: The Geographic Distribution Of America's Biggest Retailers


Photo: Citi

The annual monster report on retail is out from Citi.Analyst Jeff Black identified expansion in the southeast as a key trend. This region represents 23% of store bases and 25% of population, so there’s room for growth.

Another trend is a reduction in cold climate stores to 35% from 39%. These regions are known for high volatility in sales depending on weather.

We picked out maps of 15 big retailers.

Advanced Auto -- 53% in the southeast

Abercrombie -- 22% in the southeast

Aeropostale -- 24% in the southeast

Autozone -- 27% in the southeast

Bed Bath & Beyond -- 27% in the northeast

Best Buy -- 70% international

CVS -- 34% in the southeast

Dollar General -- 44% in the southeast

Family Dollar -- 36% in the southeast

Gap -- 20% in the northeast

Home Depot -- 23% in the southeast

Victoria's Secret -- 21% in the southeast

Target -- 26% in the midwest

Walgreens -- 28% in the southeast

Walmart -- 51% international

Some of the best markets are overseas

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