Retail Guru Ron Johnson Dazzles In His First Media Controversy As JC Penney CEO

JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson, who was the mastermind behind the Apple stores, is dealing with his first media controversy.

A group called One Million mums has been trying to get JC Penney spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres fired because of her sexual orientation.

Johnson, flashing an incredibly charming smile, appeared on CBS to defend DeGeneres. He said that DeGeneres was the perfect pick to represent the new direction of the company because of her positive, outgoing attitude.

Johnson also outlined his goals for JC Penney:

• to become America’s favourite store – not the biggest, not the flashiest;

• to implement a new pricing strategy that makes every day a great day to shop (the store has already lowered its prices by about 40%.)

• to become part of people’s lives but not interrupt them – that means no 4am, early-bird sales on Thanksgiving.

His interview would have been almost flawless if he had not overlooked one big detail. Johnson was not wearing a JC Penney outfit for his interview and the anchor caught him. Oops.

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