The Biggest Retail Chain Liquidations Of 2011


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As the holiday season approaches, many domestic retail industry chains are struggling to grow sales in the the face of high unemployment and increasing competition for customers. To illustrate this trend,’s Barbara Farfan has compiled a list of Retail Store Closings in 2011 (via Mish).

Borders, Blockbuster, and GameStop rank at the top of the list with the most planned store closings this year. 

Although the report notes that U.S. retail store openings are expected to outpace the number of store closings in 2011, there are still 97 major retails chains that will — or already have — shut down at least one location this year.   

Borders — 633 Store Closings


Blockbuster — 405 Store Closings


GameStop — 200 Store Closings


Gap — 189 Store Closings


f.y.e. — 160 Store Closings


Anchor Blue — 117 Store Closings


Foot Locker — 117 Store Closings


Talbots — 100 Store Closings


A.J. Wright — 71 Store Closings


Metropark — 69 Store Closings


Friendly's — 63 Store Closings

Rite Aid — 60 Store Closings

BONUS: 8 more retail chains with planned store closings

Destination Maternity -- 52
Abercrombie & Fitch -- 50
Hot Topic -- 50
Big Lots -- 45
Family Dollar -- 45
Select Comfort -- 43
Sonic Drive-In -- 43
Denny's -- 35

Click here to view the complete list.

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