These Charts Show Why The GOP Isn't In As Much Trouble As You Think

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Right now, the GOP is reeling from a loss that was unexpected, a result from an electorate that was unanticipated, and a future that is altogether uncertain. Still, there’s a lot to take encouragement from when you get into the demographic data.

One major source of encouraging data for the GOP comes from Resurgent Republic’s 2012 post-election survey.

The reality is, now that the GOP understands the electorate, the party can adapt to it. To do so, they’ll have to take a hard look at these numbers. 

On Election Day, there were fewer Republicans than there had been in decades

Romney crushed Obama among white voters

But Obama dominated among Latinos

And white voters once again declined as a percentage of the electorate

Independents broke toward the Republican party

He also had the edge with Independents on the issue of the economy

And Independents believed Romney would be better at getting things done

Obama won among people who made their decisions late in the game

But it's not clear that Hurricane Sandy had any measured effect

Large chunks of Romney supporters voted against Obama, rather than for the Republican nominee

For Obama voters, it was the opposite

Obama's economic performance directly translated to his electoral performance

Most voters think Obama is responsible for the current economic situation

Overall, the debates worked in Romney's favour

But Obama made voters slightly more proud to be an American

On the question of who would help the middle class more, Obama won by double digits

Romney finished with high favorability among Republicans and decent favorability among Independents

Obama's was the exact opposite

Paul Ryan got a lot of exposure out of the election

Vice President Joe Biden got the lowest marks

Republicans thought that the economy was a much more pressing issue than Democrats did

Republicans were also much more likely to care about the deficit than Democrats

In contrast, Democrats were much more interested in education

And Medicare

Health care is still a big issue for everyone

A majority of voters still support the repeal of the Affordable Care Act

The GOP is winning the Medicare message wars

The Obama campaign had the superior ground game

The Romney campaign did keep it close though

Democrats in Congress aren't as well liked as the Republicans

Independents are apparently fans of the Republican Congress

Here's Resurgent Republic's final take:

Now that the election is over, it's time to get down to business.

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