This restaurant's chicken wing prices are so confusing they're stumping the internet

Sean Woodall/ TwitterCan you figure out the pattern in pricing?

A Philadelphia Chinese restaurant’s pricing has left the internet truly baffled.

Philly resident Sean Woodall tweeted an image of the chicken wing menu from Danny’s Wok, and everyone is confused by the restaurant’s wild pricing system.

Take a look:^tfw

There seems to be no logical pattern for how much a single wing costs. Apparently, each additional wing costs somewhere between $US1.10 and $US1.15, but things go off the rails around the 24-wing mark. In fact, the difference between 24 and 25 wings is only $US0.55 – significantly less than the rest.

The menu has Twitter wondering if there is a hidden pattern or if it’s all one giant mistake

Others are convinced there is a pattern and are using maths to prove it

Meanwhile, some have turned to visuals like graphs and charts to crack the puzzle

Since this maths problem seems to be unsolvable, some Twitter users are instead offering ways to “hack” the pricing structure to get the most chicken wings for the lowest cost.

For example, if you want to buy 60 wings, it would be cheaper to purchase 50 wings and then add 10 wings.

And you thought you’d never use your high school maths again.

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