Here Are The Restaurants That Are Killing It On Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

The folks at PinLeague have put together a nifty infographic about fast casual and casual dining restaurants on Pinterest.

They identified some brands that are doing things right, and some that aren’t.

restaurants pinterest infographic

Photo: PinLeague

Here are the key takeaways referenced by PinLeague:

Follower Growth: 

  • Panera Bread held a lead throughout Q4 and still has the most total Pinterest followers. However, underdog Maggiano’s grew Pinterest followers rapidly to jump from a distant 4th place to a close 2nd in a few short months. 
  • The secret to Maggiano’s rise: Frequent promotion of their weekly “Pin It to Win It” contests. You can see when their campaigns ran based on the large 1-2 day follower gains. 

Organic Buzz: 

  • You don’t need the most followers to generate the most engagement on Pinterest. With only 300 followers, Applebee’s earned more organic brand mentions than their competitors on Pinterest. 
  • The secret to Applebee’s popularity: a visually appealing, pinnable menu on their website including buttons to pin menu items. 

User Engagement: 

  • All Hail!  With an incredibly high engagement rate of 98% and over 10,000 repins, we’re crowning Panera Bread as the reigning king of engagement for restaurants on Pinterest. 
  • A 98% Engagement Rate?! This means that 98% of Panera’s pins have at least 1 repin, like or comment.  Not only is that impressive on its own, but it’s especially striking in comparison to the other Pinterest restaurants we tracked. 

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