Look At All The Restaurants Moving Into Dead Circuit City Stores And Excess Retail Space

circuit city

Photo: By daysofthundr46 on Flickr

With the death of Circuit City, there’s a ton of vacant commercial space sitting around.But these spots — along with other dead retailers, Home Depot parking lots and space in Sears stores — are finally finding new life as something totally different: restaurants.

All the open space has provided a big opportunity for restaurant chains that are growing, and they’re taking full advantage of it, report Julie Jargon and Kris Hudson at the Wall Street Journal.

Here are the restaurant chains that are swooping in to nab the real estate. It’s a good sign for all of them:

  • Olive Gardens are replacing old Circuit City stores, supermarkets and motels
  • LongHorn Steakhouses are taking over old Blockbusters and Borders bookstores
  • Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants are nabbing space in old Sears stores and filling excess parking lots
  • Chipotles are filling former Starbucks and Boston Market locations

Both Olive Garden and LongHorn are owned by Darden Restaurants.

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