Restaurant runner couple return to pay their bill after being busted big time on Facebook

Photo: Mojo’s restaurant, Facebook.

A French couple who did a runner from a Western Australian earlier this week went back to pay the $230 bill yesterday after being caught out on Facebook.

The pair reportedly pretended to go for a cigarette at the end of their meal, but then left without paying.

The restaurant where it happened, Mojo’s in Bunbury, 175 kilometres south of Perth, turned to Facebook the following day to vent, creating a ‘WANTED’ post.

The restaurant, which serves a main course of grilled duck breast and roasted leg with celeriac puree, sauteed veg and an orange-honey sauce for $41, had CCTV footage of the duo, figured out who they were and threatened to take the footage to the authorities if the bill wasn’t settled within 24 hours.

“You have very identifiable tattoos and nose rings and work in a nearby farm,” Mojo’s said in its post.

And that’s when the world intervened. A few hundred shares and more than 25,000 views later, Mojo’s felt the love.

“We haven’t caught the bad guys yet who didn’t pay their bill – but that doesn’t matter – because knowing we live in such a caring and helpful community is rewarding enough,” they said, thanking everyone on Facebook.

Late on Monday, they posted a still image of the “very identifiable” couple:

By Thursday the employer of the pair had contacted Mojo’s, explaining they’d been fired and told to go fix things.

The couple, who were on a working holiday, fronted the restaurant and fixed things.

“We didn’t want them charged we felt they had, had enough justice as the farmer who employed them, promptly sacked them and told them to rectify the situation,” Mojo’s said.

It was a win for small business harnessing the power of social media:

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