Restaurant owners reveal the things that annoy them most

Bartender Serving DrinksFlickr / star5112This guy better not be complaining about customers.

You often hear about things that annoy waiters and waitresses about customers, but rarely do you find out about the frustrations that bar and restaurant owners endure.

A Reddit thread set out to discover the biggest annoyances that may not be clear to the customer.

When servers complain about tips

“I get it, but it’s also what they signed up for. And when you’re making double what every other employee makes, it really annoys me,” says Reddit user americanslang59.

When people make a mess, and then leave it

Reddit user Rorkimaru states, “I hate mess [sic] being left behind. Especially the coffee machine being left with milk out, the steam wand not cleaned, and the milk jug they use with milk left in it. I understand the coffee is hot and you want to serve it straight away, but it takes 10 seconds to clean that stuff. Just do it. Or at least come back after you served.”

When servers or bartenders complain about their customers

“I have always had a problem with servers or bartenders that legit hate human beings,” Reddit user Beastleh says. “Just people with that attitude AGAINST customers. Like by default, they hate the customer for walking in the door.”

When the staff doesn’t have each other’s backs

“I’ve cut someone off for being disrespectful to other guests and causing problems, and then the manager comped him and his friends a round when they complained. We are supposed to be a team. Call me out if I’m wrong, but don’t just directly defy me in front of guest,” Reddit user gsr142 states.

When fellow co-workers break the ‘rhythm’

Reddit user Rorkimaru says, “I hate people in the bar taking up space. There are three of us that normally tend bar. We have a rhythm and can move around each other effortlessly. Throw someone in there to polish glasses and despite how tiny they may be it’s like trying to work around an elephant. We had one girl who was small and skinny but moved so slowly and inefficiently it was a nightmare working around her.”

If you want to read the full frustration, check out the full Reddit thread.

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