Restaurant Owner Uses Fake Sex Site Profile To Get Revenge On A Customer Who Gave A Bad Review

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Some business just don’t know how to take criticism very well, but one restaurant owner in Canada took things way too far.A co-owner of a pair of eateries lashed out at a customer who gave a bad review by setting up a fake sex site profile and sending lascivious emails, reports Megan Gillis at Sun News.

The owner, Marisol Simoes, was convicted of two counts of defamatory libel against the customer, Elayna Katz, by an Ottawa court. A sentencing hearing is set for next month.

Katz had posted her review on, complaining that the service was slow and the server was rude. She also got olives on her pasta, when she had asked for it without olives.

The owner didn’t quite agree with her assessment, and put a bunch of scandalous things about the customer online — all of which were not true.

From Sun News:

“I am open to anything — couples, threesomes and group sex,” read the e-mail purportedly signed by Katz and sent a year later to her bosses at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. “Am especially into transsexuals and transgenders (being one myself). I am … a tiger in the bedroom.”

The same words were in a profile along with Katz’s wedding picture posted a few days later on an “adult” site under “men seeking men.”

As Mary Beth Quirk at the Consumerist points out, “no, it likely doesn’t feel good to read negative reviews about your establishment on the Internet, but posing as a customer on an site for adults looking to hook up in order to get your revenge is not only childish, it’s going to have some legal repercussions.”

And the bad press that the owner was trying to hard to avoid is has blown up far worse than what one negative review could ever do.

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