Restaurant Gives Family A 'Well-Behaved Kids' Discount

King Family Kingston Washington

Photo: TODAY show/King Family

When Laura King took her three children out for dinner, her check included a pleasant surprise. The restaurant applied a $4 discount for her “well-behaved” kids ages 2, 3, and 8.

Her receipt from Sogno di Vino in Kingston, Washington went viral after a friend posted a picture on Reddit. 

The owner of the restaurant told the Today Show that most kids aren’t as obedient. 

“So we go to the parents and say, ‘I’m sorry but we really need little Johnny to sit down and not run around and yell and scream… because he’s bothering some of the patrons.’ And parents will take an attitude to the point where we’re almost afraid to say something,” Rob Scott told Today.

King said that her kids were just acting normal. 

“They were just being their normal selves,” King told “Our server came to our table and just really thanked us for having exceptionally behaved children.”

She also responded to the media hype on her blog saying that why she didn’t expect a hand-out for being courteous, the positive attention was nice. 

Here’s the receipt: 

Photo: Reddit

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