Restaurant Charging $200/Person Has The Gall To Tell Diners They Can't Take Photos

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A lot of people love taking photos of their fancy dishes – especially on special occasions.But at New York-based Momofuku Ko, which charges about $200 per person, taking photos is not allowed, Helene Stapinski of The New York Times reports.

When one diner at Momofuku Ko took a photo of her plate, one of the employees asked her to put her phone away. He told her that there are no photos allowed.

Not even without flash. 

“I was definitely embarrassed,” the woman told The New York Times.

The diner, who partly owns several restaurants, understood why she was asked to put her phone away, but says she was still caught off guard. 

But this is actually somewhat common at high-end restaurants. 

As Stapinski reports, there are several chefs who either prohibit food photography or have a policy against taking photos with flash. 

One chef, David Bouley, says that when diners take photos of their food, it totally disrupts the ambiance. 

“It’s a disaster in terms of momentum, settling into the meal, the great conversation that develops,” Bouley told The Times. “It’s hard to build a memorable evening when flashes are flying every six minutes.”

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