A pizza chain announced it will be selling a box of pizza crusts for less than $3

Villa Italian KitchenIf you love crust, this is a dream come true.
  • The restaurant chain Villa Italian Kitchen recently announced its plans to sell boxes of pizza crust in select locations nationwide.
  • This “Just the Crust” option will be available starting July 18 and will be sold for $US2.75.
  • Villa Italian Kitchen said it created this menu option in response to its customers desiring more of the chain’s crust.
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If you firmly believe the crust is the best part of a pizza slice, you’re in for a treat.

On Tuesday, the NYC-based chain Villa Italian Kitchen announced a new menu item – boxes filled with just the crusts of pizza slices.

Per a press release, the chain is selling these boxes because so many customers have asked about its crust

In a press release, the company explained it wants to “give the people what they want” and designed this dish after it received “a record number of consumer inquiries regarding Villa Italian Kitchen’s crust and just what makes it so delicious.”

The chain added that it completely understood its customers’ desire for more of its crust, writing that it is “the last delicious doughy bites after a hot, fresh slice by carb-lovers everywhere.”

These crust boxes will be available at participating locations nationwide

Villa italian kitchenYelp/Elizabeth C.The chain has locations around the US.

The new crust option will be sold at select locations for $US2.75 starting July 18. This eatery has locations all around the US, from California to New York City, though it’s unclear which ones will be serving up this new menu item.

This isn’t the chain’s first big release of the year – in January it launched a gender-reveal lasagna

Gender reveal lasagnaVilla Italian KitchenIt’s a boy!

Earlier this year, Villa Italian Kitchen debuted its gender-reveal lasagna. The dish was designed to ooze blue-coloured or pink-coloured cheese when cut into it to reveal a baby’s biological sex.

Designed to be ordered as part of a catering package that includes garlic knots and salad, it sells for $US139.99 and is meant to serve 12 people. It’s unclear if it is still available for purchase.

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