ResourceWebs Surpasses 3 Million Monthly Unique Visits


A few days ago, to better illustrate our company mission and strategy, we revamped our corporate site.  At
the same time, we recently reached a milestone when we surpassed 3 million unique visits in the month of March.  So, I wanted to take this opportunity to overview how we got to where we are today and discuss where we plan to go from here.

We spent 2009 & 2010 acquiring existing web properties and developing new properties. Our focus has been on websites which offer free resources and clear value to users.  As you can see from our featured properties each of our websites are separate in that they cover a specific niche – but they also have common characteristics in that each website brings clear value to users for free.  A lot of our websites
deal with education as they help users to learn more about railroads, homeschooling, the moon, symbols, resumes, ghosts, solar energy, science fairs, famous birthdays, and clowning.  We also have properties which provide helpful tools such as unit converters, satellite views, miles per gallon ratings, perpetual calendars, and a time zone map.  Each of our properties are mutually exclusive of the other – as we implement a separate marketing and monetization plan for each site.

However, we do enjoy several network benefits that come from managing and operating several websites.  Often, a learning we glean from a given site can be applied to several other sites.  The same goes for our resources, when someone on our team works on the design, development, or marketing of a given site –
often those efforts are more efficient when they can be applied across several sites.

Our past has been about identifying and getting ourselves involved with unique and resourceful sectors – our future will be about expanding our reach within these respective sectors.
In 2011, we stopped developing new websites and we also no longer acquire existing website brands.  Our focus is entirely on enhancing our existing properties by continuing to add high quality and highly relevant unique content.  We are also continuing to add additional tools to our sites to make them more useful and
sticky.  In addition, we have implemented an exhaustive social media marketing plan to promote the content and tools of each respective website on Facebook and Twitter.  Social Media has enabled our users to better interact with each our individual properties as they are able to post comments and share our content and tools with their friends.

Our growth continues at a very solid pace month over month.  We enjoyed a record month in March in terms of traffic with 3,119,681 visits and 8,171,936 page views.
With 25 well-defined website properties, and a focus on improving each unique property and marketing them via social networking – we continue to stay focused on our mission.  We are able to monetise our websites via highly relevant pay per click advertisements and the content targeted technologies
afforded to us automate the process so that we can completely focus on user experience and traffic growth.
We did surpass a milestone in March, but that just means we are onto our next milestone – which is to reach 5 million monthly unique visitors.