Residents Who Think James Packer's Perth Casino Will Ruin Their View Of A Golf Course Are A Step Closer To Taking It To Court

Getty/ Scott Barbour

After WA court has told a group of residents they have a case against the state government’s sale of land to James Packer, who is hoping to build a casino.

The state government has been told to give them documents so they can decide whether they want to take the matter to the Supreme Court, according to the West Australian.

“Certainly this is not a case where the plaintiffs’ position is hopeless and no encouragement to a pointless action should be given,” said Master Craig Sanderson, who ruled they should get access to the documents.

Premier Collin Barnett earlier this year agreed to sell Packer 5.8ha of land in Perth for $60 million, according to the newspaper.

They residents think it’ll ruin their view of a golf course.

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