Residents can swim between towers in a pool 25 metres high in this new Brisbane development

Photo: Supplied.

One of Australia’s first suspended pools is coming to Brisbane.

The rooftop pool, launched by Blue Sky Private Real Estate as part of their new luxury residential development “Florence” in the suburb of Greenslopes, will be suspended 25 metres in the air between two eight-storey apartment buildings.

Development manager at Blue Sky, Edan Norris, said that the idea to include a “suspended pool” came about after interested buyers for their two other Greenslopes developments began enquiring more about the amenities and facilities that the apartments offered.

The idea, according to Norris, also made sense practically as they did not want to double up on services and could instead turn it into a large rooftop terrace area with barbecue areas, lap pool, a dining area and high bench bars for having drinks.

The pool is designed to be 25 metres in length and 26.5 metres above the ground with a walkway on the side so residents can move from one side of the rooftop terrace to the other.

Photo: Supplied.

So far, there have two other suspended pools planned for Australia in the hotel sector in Adelaide and Perth but Norris says that the Blue Sky pool could potentially be the first to finish construction in September 2017.

In August last year, it was reported that London would be getting a 25 metre glass-bottomed pool suspended 10 storeys above the air in a $32 billion building project.

The Florence residential towers will feature 107 apartments as well as a cinema room and a yoga garden.

The rooftop terrace. Photo: Supplied.

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