RESEARCH: Younger Australians Are Hugely Less Inclined To Buy Aussie Products

Most Australians, when asked, agree that it’s a good idea to buy Australian made goods.

The argument goes like this: the money spent on Australian products mostly stays in Australia circulating through the local economy, employing people and creating wealth.

The most die-hard, patriotic consumers are the older generations such Baby Boomers, with more than eight out of 10 saying they try to buy Aussie-made products.

But that willingness to support locally made is fading. The younger they are the less likely they think it’s a good idea.

According to Roy Morgan Research, about 71% of the Australian population agree that they try to buy Australian-made as often as possible

However, under half (49%) of Generation Z agree they try to buy Australian made and only 61% of Generation Y feel the same way.

“In our increasingly globalised society, the classic true-blue Aussie spirit is not as pervasive or influential as it once was,” says Warren Reid of Roy Morgan.

“Far from consciously deciding to avoid buying Australian-made, younger generations are often given no choice: the type of products they buy just aren’t manufactured here (or if they are, they’re more expensive).

“This is especially pertinent when considering the younger generation’s enthusiasm for high-tech items such as Apple products.”

Chart: Roy Morgan Research

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