Research In Motion Planning Layoffs For Q2

jim balsillie

Photo: AP

Research In Motion just released a really ugly earnings report, and announced that it’s going to reduce headcount.Considering its revenue guidance is $1 billion below expectations, these layoffs seem needed.

Here’s RIM:

The company also announced that it will begin a program to streamline operations across the organisation, which will include a headcount reduction. This realignment will be focused on taking out redundancies and a reallocation of resources to allow us to focus on the areas that offer the highest growth opportunities and align with RIM strategic objectives, such as accelerating new product introductions. We expect to implement this program beginning in the second quarter with the benefits impacting results primarily in Q3 and beyond. Any one-time charges associated with this initiative are not included in our Q2 and full year outlook but will be identified and disclosed when we report our second quarter results.

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