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Research Exposes The Stunning Stats Behind Australian Commuters' Battle To Make It To The Office Each Day

Photo: GETTY

Australian is a nation which won’t give up the motor car, according to a new detailed analysis of Census data.

And some have to put in a big effort to get to the office in the morning including taking three different modes of transport, says McCrindle Research.

Three people reported that they used a car, then a bicycle and then a truck to get to work on census day.

Mark McCrindle says some journeys, as stated in the census, are mind-boggling. For example, there were four people who caught a ferry, then a car and then a motorbike.

And 37 people woke up, jumped on a bus, boarded a ferry and then a hailed a taxi.

The coffee must have tasted good after that.

Here’s a few facts:

  • More Sydney people drive a truck (21,445) than ride a bicycle (18,811) to work.
  • There is 1 vehicle for every 1.37 people of driving age in Australia.
  • If all of Australia’s vehicles were parked end to end, the traffic jam would stretch 13 times the distance from Sydney to Perth.
  • The percentage of workers who commute by private car has risen to 65.5 per cent, up from 65.3 per cent 5 years ago.
  • Australia’s 13 million vehicles drive an average of 12,881 km per year, which is a collective 167 billion kilometres or 20 times to the planet Pluto and back.
  • 1 in 5 public transport users require other forms of transport for their commute.
  • Sydney trumps public transport use.
  • Female cyclists lead the way in Melbourne.
  • Brisbane is the city of motorcycles.
  • Tasmanians are best at giving their mates a lift, but drive the most cars
  • More men catch ferries than women
  • Far more women catch trams than men.
  • Buses are much more likely to have women commuters than men in every city
  • Men are 8 times more likely to commute by motorbike
  • Men are much more likely to drive, women much more likely to be passengers

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