GALLUP: Republicans Have Completely Turned On New Liberal Hero John Roberts

john roberts

Consider Chief Justice John Roberts officially a liberal hero and conservative enemy. 

A new Gallup poll displays the unprecedented swing in opinion since Roberts was confirmed as Chief Justice in 2005 to today, where he’s a little less than a month removed from a controversial opinion upholding the Affordable Care Act as constitutional

Mainly, the shift is based on partisan differences after the “Obamacare” decision, which produced a reaction split along ideological lines. Democrats now view him in a heavily favourable light. Republicans? Heavily unfavorable.

Overall, there’s more of a shift toward an unfavorable rating: 

Gallup John Roberts

Photo: Gallup

Republicans have a huge 80-point collective swing. Democrats, on the other hand, view Roberts 19 points more favourably and 12 points less favourably. 

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