'Decency wins': Republicans celebrate a blow to their own party

  • Several prominent Republicans who rejected Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore amid allegations of sexual misconduct celebrated the Republican loss on Tuesday night.
  • “Decency wins,” Republican Sen. Jeff Flake tweeted.

Several prominent Republicans who rejected Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore amid allegations that he engaged in sexual misconduct with teenagers celebrated the Republican’s loss on Tuesday night.

Moore’s unexpected loss is a major victory for Democrats and a blow to the GOP’s legislative future, reducing the party’s advantage in the Senate to a single seat. But many Republicans are relieved they won’t have to deal with a new scandal-plagued colleague, and some openly rejoiced at the news.

“Decency wins,” Sen. Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican,tweeted.

“Suck it, Bannon,” tweeted conservative commentator Meghan McCain, referring to the former White House chief strategist who campaigned aggressively for Moore.

Republican strategist Tim Miller responded with sarcasm, tweeting, “I just put on my 4th collared shirt to honour Steve Bannon’s humiliating defeat,” referring to Bannon’s habit of wearing multiple collared shirts simultaneously.

McCain and Miller were among many conservatives who credited Bannon, who has pledged to challenge every incumbent Republican in 2018, with the GOP’s loss in Alabama.

Other conservatives opted for more diplomatic statements.

“Thankfully, today enough Republicans chose country over party,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich tweeted. “Tomorrow we must redouble our efforts to support candidates worthy of the office they seek.”

And still others credited the women who came forward with their allegations against Moore.

“Tonight must be empowering for the women who told their story about predator Roy Moore. Not only were they believed. But their words mattered,” tweetedMatt Mackowiak, a GOP strategist and president of the Potomac Strategy Group.

While Moore denied the allegations against him, calling his female accusers politically motivated liars, dozens of prominent Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said they believed the allegations and called on Moore to abandon the race.

While Republican lawmakers have been saved from dealing with a possible ethics investigation into their newest colleague, Moore’s loss is a major blow to President Donald Trump, who threw his full support behind the embattled candidate in recent weeks.

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