Why The Republicans Are Finished If They Block Social Security


Photo: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Republicans, Eric Cantor included, are finished if they become responsible for holding back social security checks.No senior would ever want to vote for a party that is that irresponsible. Likewise, the Republicans were against extending a 1000 dollar tax credit to families.

Yet repealing an extension to tax cuts for the rich becomes a tax increase they cannot tolerate.

They show themselves already to be irresponsible with this attack on Main Street USA. They are predators. Like it’s not a tax increase according to their definition if the middle class break goes away?

The Republicans have clearly become hypocrites and their allegiance is clear. While both parties were equally responsible for the housing bubble with the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the Republicans are clearly at fault with regard to failing to compromise on the debt ceiling. The Republicans are looking to an easy money fix to all this debt. That is a predatory attack on mainstreet.

I wonder what the motives are of Eric Cantor. Is he in bed with folks who want to short the United States government debt? While it is perfectly legal to short the debt, it is traitorous for an elected politician to work for that outcome. We know that Cantor never worried about raising the national debt when Bush was president, so clearly, this must be a considered a possibility.

Certainly he cannot be serious in thinking that Americans will not forgive him when grandma doesn’t get the social security check.

Can you imagine a party surviving who was the only party in the history of the United States to cut off social security? The third rail will get white hot, Cantor. And don’t you forget it.

Even Ron Paul is against some of the radical programs sought by the Republican Tea Party freshmen. He voted against the Ryan bill to overturn Medicare. I suggest that something is going on here that is quite dangerous in the history of American politics. These are demagogues we are dealing with, and the American people, and seniors, will not soon forget.

Now, I realise that some have argued that social security is solvent, and that there should be no problem with the checks going out. But Boehner doesn’t know. He said he didn’t know. The Republicans don’t know. Obama says the checks can’t be guaranteed. So, who knows?

The Wikipedia article is clear. The social security trust fund is NOT required to pay for current social security payments. Got that Cantor? Are you listening Cantor?

Bottom line, if the Republicans are wrong, or if they miscalculate, there will be hell to pay.


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