'What a nightmare': Top Republicans aren't too happy with the Trump campaign

Donald Trump had a bad week, and it’s making life miserable for top GOP leaders.

That’s according to an in-depth report from The Washington Post published Friday evening.

This past week alone, Trump attacked Alicia Machado — a former Miss Universe winner — in a series of 3 a.m. tweets, and his business dealings in Cuba have come under fire from the Clinton campaign.

“My God,” Matt Borges, the Republican Party chairman in Ohio, a must-win state, told The Post. “[W]hat a nightmare.”

Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), speaking at a fundraiser for Rep. Joseph J. Heck (R-Nevada), reportedly asked the room how many thought that Trump could win the election.

Out of a dozen supporters, none raised their hand and the room fell silent, a source familiar with the scene told The Post under a condition of anonymity.

McConnell has since stopped discussing Trump’s campaign with reporters.

When asked about Trump’s impact on Senate races, McConnell replied, “this is not something that I am going to discuss today,” per The Post.

Few top Republicans are also in regular contact with Trump about campaign strategy, besides Republican National Committee chairman Reince Preibus and strategist Sean Spicer.

Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), the House majority leader, said that he speaks with Trump, “[m]aybe every two weeks,” at an event, per The Post.

And there’s only five weeks to go before the votes are counted.

Read the rest of The Washington Post story here.

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