Two RNC Attendees Threw Nuts At A Black CNN Employee And Said, 'This Is How We Feed Animals'


Photo: AP

Two spectators at the Republican National Convention were kicked out Tuesday after allegedly throwing nuts at a black CNN employee and saying, “This is how we feed animals,” according to a CNN report this morning.CNN did not have any further official comment beyond its short report. The convention released this statement this morning:

“Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behaviour. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.”

The story was first extensively reported by Talking Points Memo. AndĀ TPM editor Josh Marshall notes that CNN didn’t report on it until almost 8 a.m. this morning:

There’s a normal and correct tendency for a news outfit not to want to make itself into the story. But this goes way beyond that and puts CNN in an exquisitely awkward position. CNN has been bending over backwards of late trying to position itself as the last holy beacon of objectivity and fairness in cable news, as Fox and MSNBC play to more clearly partisan audiences. Meanwhile, they’re under almost constant assault from conservatives for alleged (and basically mythical) liberal bias.

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