WATCH: Republicans Faked This Video To Make Obama's Supreme Court Lawyer Sound Even Worse

Republicans are feeling pretty good about this week’s Supreme Court arguments on President Obama’s healthcare reform law — so good, in fact, that the Republican National Committee even released a new video mocking U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli’s poor performance at the hearings

The video, titled “Obamacare: It’s A Tough Sell,” uses audio from Verrilli’s shaky opening remarks on Tuesday to suggest that even Obama’s lawyer has a hard time defending the law.

But Verrilli’s meltdown was apparently not bad enough for the GOP. A comparison of the video with the official Supreme Court audio shows that the RNC significantly doctored the tape to make Verrilli’s nervous coughing attack sound a lot worse than it actually was. 

The RNC has defended the video, calling the tape a “mash-up.” 

“Are there multiple clips in that video? Yes,” RNC spokesman Sean Spicer told Bloomberg, who broke the story. “The point was that he continually had to stop because he was having trouble making the case for why Obamacare was valid.”

But some people aren’t buying it. 

“This is the single most classless and misleading thing I’ve ever seen related to the Court,” Tom Goldstein, publisher of SCOTUS blog, wrote in a post yesterday. “It is as if the RNC decided to take an incredibly serious and successful argument that has the chance to produce a pathbreaking legal victory for a conservative interpretation of the Constitution, drag it through the mud, and vomit on it.  I would be shocked if a serious conservative lawyer would stand by the ad.”

You can compare for yourself below. 

Here’s the RNC’s video: 

And here’s the original Supreme Court audio: 

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