Republicans Use Steve Jobs' Death As A Cheap Pun To Promote Economic Plan

Eric Cantor

Photo: Flikr

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will call for a “Steve Jobs plan” to grow the economy in speeches over the next week, POLITICO’s Mike Allen reports.Cantor first planned you use the term in his canceled University of Pennsylvania speech scheduled for last Friday.

President Barack Obama was the first to invoke the memory of Steve Jobs earlier this month, and Jobs offered to make campaign commercials for Obama’s reelection campaign before his death. 

The Daily Pennsylvanian has Cantor’s prepared speech here:

They are trailblazers like Steve Jobs. A man who started with an idea in his garage and ended up providing iPhones and iPads to millions and changed the world. Job building and community building are what successful people can do. Through his example, you can see that America needs more than a jobs plan. It needs a Steve Jobs plan. In a Steve Jobs Plan, those who are successful not only create good jobs and services that make our lives better, they also give back and help everyone move just a little bit further up the ladder and everybody wins.

Instead of talking about a fair share or spending time trying to push those at the top down, elected leaders in Washington should be trying to ensure that everyone has a fair shot and the opportunity to earn success up the ladder. The goal shouldn’t be for everyone to meet in the middle of the ladder. We should want all people to be moving up and no one to be pulled down. How do we do that? It cannot simply be about wealth redistribution. You don’t just take from the guy at the top to give to the guy at the bottom and expect our problems to be solved.

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