Republican Convention Protesters May Be Planning To Disrupt A Baseball Game Today

Tropicana FieldTropicana Field

[Update] The game occurred today without incident. It is unclear if it was just a false alarm, or if news of the threat deterred the would-be party poopers.[Earlier] Prior to the Republican National Convention this week in Tampa, there will be a welcome party at Tropicana Field. And according to Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, members of the Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland A’s have been warned prior to this afternoon’s game that protesters may try to disrupt the game by storming the field.

The warning sounds more like a specific threat, as opposed to a general warning, as the protest was described as a “flash mob” and the players were warned that the actions would involve “30-40 protesters.” The players were also advised to “avoid conflict.”

Topkin says there is also “chatter” that protesters will chain themselves to seats after the game in an attempt to disrupt preparing the stadium for Sunday’s event.

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