A Startup Called Repost Is Taking Re-Blogging To A Whole New Level

John PettittJohn Pettit, Founder and CEO at Repost

Traditional journalists often complain about new media sites aggregating their stories and re-blogging the content.

So a new startup, Repost, will likely enrage them. 

Repost is geared toward publishers who want to make it easier for others to distribute their content. 

“Yes, there are lots of sharing services,” Repost founder and CEO John Pettitt writes on the company blog. “But here’s the thing, they don’t actually share the content. They share links to content. VERY different.” 

Repost allows you to embed articles on your site with a simple embed code, very similar to how you would embed a YouTube video. The embedded content includes all the photos, links, and other media included in the original post. It also automatically matches the layout of your site.

From the publisher’s side, they can simply add the Repost button to their site, right next to the social buttons for services like Facebook and Twitter. Repost says its goal is to help publishers get content to go viral.

Already, Repost has more than 4,000 publishers on board, including Fox Sports, PandoDaily, and NewsRight.

Here’s what a Repost looks like.


Why Is It So Hard to Share Content? (via Repost)Yes, there are lots of sharing services. But here’s the thing, they don’t actually share the content. They share links to content. VERY different. If you want to take an article from one site and publish it on another, you have to find a person, get permission, and then manually copy it. Assuming…


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